Cherifer is the trusted vitamin preparation for kids and teens with the best quality CGF, which is Chlorella pyrenoidosa, for optimal growth. It is rich in nucleic acids and has the highest nutritional value.

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Immunomax is the ONLY immunomodulator made with pure CM-Glucan. It balances the immune system to help with prevention and faster treatment of Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis, Respiratory Track Infections, and PTB. Immunomax is available in syrup for kids and capsule for teens and adults.

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PedZinc Plus C

PedZinc Plus C has the combination of Vitamin C and Zinc that is scientifically proven to fight viral diseases and common colds.


PedCee is the only high-dose, non-acidic Vitamin C specifically for children. In just a teaspoon, it provides kids 500mg of Vitamin C to replenish high-level of Vitamin C loss caused by child stress and infection.

Ad-C Plus

The first in the market with the tough combination of Vitamin C and Zinc. It doubles your protection against common coldsand your offense against harmful effects of smoking, pollution, and alcohol.


The only vitamin preparation for kids that increases the level of Acetylcholine for faster learning and cognition for kids.

Cherifer Premium

The only vitamin for adults with Taurine for focus, Ginseng for energy, and CGF for recovery.

Cherifer Immunomax

More than CM-Glucan, it is powered by the best quality Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF, along with other vitamins and minerals that provide optimum nutritional value for linear growth.

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